Curious about who we are?

Led by Master Leathersmith Kilber K'zar (aka Rob Turner), Castle K'zar Leatherworks has been producing jewelry-quality leather headpieces, custom armor, and costume accessories for over 15 years.

The Texas Renaissance Festival has been our home for all of these years, and is our primary venue for selling our work (online ordering will be available soon!). Our leather has also been carried by Coppersage Bows and Leatherwood at Sherwood Faire.

Castle K'zar Staff

Dragonlord Kilber K'zar - Master Leathersmith

Lady Raven - Head of Pewter Department and Quality Assurance

Devlin K'zar - Production Manager / Journeyman Leathersmith / Chain Maille

Gehrheim - Chief Apprentice, Webmaster

Anastasia K'zar - Apprentice Leathersmith, Apprentice Pewtersmith

Jimmy - Apprentice Leathersmith and Self-Appointed "Chink-In-Our-Armor"

Dinora - Apprentice Leathersmith